Treat yourself well. Treat our planet well.

Welcome to FANTERCO official website. My name is Jerry K. Liu, Managing Director of FANTERCO / Fantastic Enterprise. I really like the work of a British designer Vivienne Westwood. She once said “buy less, choose well”. This remarkable advice inspires my aim to run the company.

Fantastic Enterprise (FANTERCO) announced ambitious goals for our products manufacturing in terms of sustainability and environmental impact, so to act coherently with our own beliefs. We set the deadline for 2020 for our projects.

As a sustainable / Circular Fashion Consultant and Owner at Green Strategy, Dr. Anna Brismar has identified sixteen key principles, twelve for industry and four for consumers, to support a more circular and sustainable fashion and textile industry.

The first five principles for designers,
Principle 1: Design with a Purpose,
Principle 2: Design for Longevity,
Principle 3: Design for Resource Efficiency,
Principle 4: Design for Biodegradability, and
Principle 5: Design for Recyclability,
each one fits into the #circulartextiles cycle:

Principle 6: Source and produce more locally
Principle 7: Source and produce without toxicity
Principle 8: Source and produce with efficiency
Principle 9: Source and produce with renewables
Principle 10: Source and produce with good ethics

Focusing on Principle 6 to 10 for supply chain sourcing, FANTERCO we provide manufacture solutions to fulfill designers' circular fashion requirements. For example, to meet designs for longevity, we have long-lasting fabrics such as 65% Polyester 35% Cotton which has natural hand feel but stays in shape after washes much longer than 100% Cotton garments do. To meet Principle 3 resource efficiency, we supply fabrics made by sustainable production, i.e. less production procedures and wastes, such as digital printing / finishing with saving more than 80% of water use. For Principle 4 & 5, we may adapt fabrics made of biodegradable and recycled materials.

Principle 11: Provide services to support long life
Principle 12: Reuse, recycle or compost all remains
Principle 13: Collaborate well and widely

The above thirteen principles are defined from a producer perspective. One of these is highly relevant also from a consumer perspective, that is Principle 12 (Reuse, recycle or compost all remains). Yet, from the consumer perspective, three additional principles also need to be added:

Principle 14: Use, wash and repair with care
Principle 15: Consider rent, loan, swap, secondhand or redesign instead of buying new
Principle 16: Buy quality as opposed to quantity

The three consumer principles will not be further explored as we primarily concern the producer perspective and those stages of a product’s life cycle on which producers may have direct influence.

So allow me to elaborate how FANTERCO provide our manufacture solutions that link to each of the three parts in the #circulartextiles cycle: