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Due to the advanced textile manufacture technology developed in Taiwan, with the high environmentally friendly consensus, plus the explorer’s spirit, we manage to push many textile producing skills much “greener”. Take the old-fashion jacquard as an instance, we use this technique to create the same visual effect of brushed jeans, without brushing which causes tiny fibers shed and flow into the ocean. The same jacquard machine can also do miraculous mimic of variable stitching patterns and double-layer structure. We use digital printing to replace traditional screen printing. By doing so not only we may save water usage, but from the requirement perspective, digital printing with small MOQ (minimum order quantity) satisfies designers who need variety and entrepreneurs who starts small.

FANTERCO adopts 3D modeling incorporating into our sampling services. Not to replace entirely the traditional physical sampling, but to sufficiently reduce times of sampling.
All above share the same benefit – reduced manufacture processes, reduced carbon footprints – which is the key to Sustainable Production.