Product Types


  • Organic Cotton
  • Fair-Trade
  • Digital Printing/
  • Biodegradable
  • Anti-Bacteria/
  • Long Lasting
  • Custom Made
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Recycled Nylon
  • Recycled PET

Textile Manufacture Solution Service Provider, rather a traditional trading company

FANTERCO is NOT a factory indeed. However, a specific factory owns a specific production technique for limited product lines. While our core capability is to manage and manufacture different product lines for you. As a growing brand, we assume you may not just have a couple of lines but should own more than a dozen in near future. We definitely can support you with that.

Familiar with different kinds of eco-friendly materials and production processes

Based in Taiwan giving us cutting edge with functional fabrics. Currently 70% of functional fabrics are from Taiwan. Also for the trend to be "green" or say “fair trade”, we also have good knowledge to support the idea you wish to contribute to the world – no matter you are a big brand or an entrepreneur.

Environmental Compliancy (Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR)

Safety and well-being of everyone involved in the production and supply chain as well as protecting the environment are top priorities for FANTERCO. We don’t just focus on what our fashion is made from either. We’ve set ourselves strict rules as to how and where everything is made and manufactured. This includes making sure that partners we work with share our sustainability values.

    Fantastic Enterprise has committed to:
  • A safe working environment (in terms of hygiene, ventilation, volume, technical processes)
  • No child labor, no prison labor.
  • Fair and quick payment of the suppliers, only legal transactions, no black money.
  • Environmentally friendly production - no use of hazardous chemicals that could leave residues and damage health.
  • Energy conservation - turn off the light during lunch break, reuse papers, keep the thermostat constant.

The quality of the garments produced in compliance with these points definitely gives Fantastic Enterprise the right to continue on this path.

One photo, we bring it to life

If you have the capability of making original samples with patterns and tech packs, that would be great to accelerate the whole developing process. If not then don’t worry, just send us your photo, drawing or sketch and leave the rest to us. Our sampling center will bring your idea to life.

Grow you and grow with you

Established in 1971, with experiences nearly 50 years, the average servicing time for our existing customers is more than 17 years, growth rate more than 750%. We are just like a rich field, we can grow our customers and more than happy to grow with you.