About Us

About Us


We lay our eyes on quality, drive our heart into details. Either for big or small-scale production, our sole concern is sustainability. Thus, we adopt eco-friendly materials and energy-saving procedures, for making your collections in the fair-trade way. As we vow to protect the global village we all live in.


Treat yourself well. Treat our planet well.
Fantastic Enterprise (FANTERCO) announced ambitious goals for our products manufacturing in terms of sustainability and environmental impact, so to act coherently with our own beliefs.
We set the deadline for 2020 for our projects.

Have you ever thought about how your life would be completely different?

  1. Have problems finding a qualified manufacturer who consents to your intentions to be green?
  2. Eco friendly but short shelf life - will the garments decompose while sitting on the shelf?
  3. Is the manufacturing process green? How they manage saving energy & carbon emission?

We are starting a movement where small changes can make a big impact.

Real People. Real change.

Through responsibly-sourced products and community service, the FANTERCO community is guided by a higher purpose.

Our motto is "Experiences and Promises for Fashion Manufacture Solutions". Fantastic Enterprise, established in 1971, based in Taiwan with now 50 years in active operartions in textile industry.

From OEM to ODM/OBM, our quality is a must and our heart of service is the core through these years. Nevertheless, we keep evolving the way to provide our services. For any fashion brand entrepreneurs nowadays, we dedicate to provide comprehensive manufacture solutions across variable textile product types, by understanding the needs of product positioning in certain market segmentations according to your ideas of branding. And we tend to apply circular textile products for leaving a better future for our kids.