Recycled Nylon
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Recycled Nylon

To respect environment and dedicate to protect the Ecology of earth, we make the waste recycled and reusable.

By using our specific recovery system, we are able to collect extraction water and diverse nylon discard such as fabric, chips, yarn and Velcro tape and reproduce to recycled Nylon. It diverts waste from landfills and its production uses much fewer resources than virgin nylon (including water, energy and fossil fuel). A large part of the recycled nylon produced comes from old fishing nets. This is a great solution to divert garbage from the ocean.

Approximately 640,000 tons of fishing gear are lost or abandoned in the ocean each year and killed millions of animals. By using recovered fishing nets to make new fabrics. The nylon used in these nets is a material that can be recycled many times and develop new products. The sustainable production uses 27% less natural resources, 28% less greenhouse gases and reduces marine pollution.