Fair-Trade Manufacture
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Fair-Trade Manufacture

The only way to use eco materials logically is to manufacture sustainably.

Green manufacturing is the renewal of production processes and the establishment of environmentally-friendly operations within the manufacturing field. Use fewer natural resources, reduce pollution and waste, recycle and reuse materials, and moderate emissions in the processes. Management merits, such as manufacturing cost reductions, can be expected from grasping and reducing the total input volume of raw materials, chemical substances and energy.

Take one of our cooperative manufacturers "EVERTEK" for example:
Founded in 1988 as Taiwan's only vertical-integration textile company. Following the global warming phenomenon, to protect the planet's resources has become the major subject of corporate social responsibility. Everest became the first company in Asia to receive the bluesign® certification for coating lamination which is the most difficult standard for a manufactory to be approved. At present, "bluesign approved fabric" is in Everest's all collections; we will say Everest offers sustainable processes and eco products to fulfill all you needs.
In future, Everest will insist on green innovation to increase resource product ability (Doing more with less), and continually accumulate our green competitiveness. "Zero Emission" is the final goal of Everest, to be a paragon of an ECO-enterprise.