Our motto is "Fashion, Experience and Promises".Fantastic Enterprise, established in 1971, based in Taiwan with more than 40 years in active operation in textile industry, experienced and specialized in creating fast ODM/OEM services in ladies/men's wear, baby clothes, pets shirts, with styles across leisure to functional to sports, for any fashion brand entrepreneurs to be able to enter the market without delay, by easily creating your own collections with your own designs, or in use part or all of our existing fabulous ladies leisure wear styles.

Recycled PET

We are a professional manufacturer of Recycled PET. Our Recycled PET is designed to meet your specific technical and performance requirements. With our expertise, we have been offering quality ECO-TECH TEXTILE renowned for premium features at competitive prices. From product specification and selection through delivery and beyond, our staffs are committed to making it easy for you to get the products and the information you need when you need them. We develop reasonable price and durable Recycled PET that tends to cater to the demands of optimum performance.

Fashion Cocoon Contour Slim Shirt with Lotus Leaf

Product name:Fashion Cocoon contour Slim Shirt With Lotus Leaf
Colors:Glossy black
Material: Polyester 56% / Recycle Polyester 44% (ECO-TECH Textile)
Feature:Eco-Friendly Garment Production, Green Textile Technology
Packing:40-100 pcs/carton
Shipping:Air or Sea Shipment
Delivery Time:60 days

Fashion Recycle Black Pet Chest strap

Product name:Fashion Recycled Black Pet Chest strap
Material:POLY, Polyester 56% / Recycle Polyester 44% (ECO-TECH Textile)
Feature:Green Textile Technology
Packing:40-100 pcs/carton
Shipping:Air or Sea Shipment
Delivery Time:60 days
As a professional Recycled PET manufacturer, FANTASTIC ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. has an excellent advantage over the competition, developing strong designs at very competitive prices but maintaining extremely high quality. For more customized demands that can’t be found in our standard product lines, we also can offer a solution to combine your specific requirements into our new design standard products. We appreciate your interest, feedback, and suggestion. If you have any questions about Recycled PET of FANTASTIC ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. or issues, please leave your message and contact information on our website.