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This is #FANTERCO Way (Part 1)


Have read through "CEO AGENDA 2020 COVID-19 EDITION", Have to say so happy to see the agenda giving the fashion industry a very clear direction, and approving what we have been doing in this couple of years - though still long way to go.

In the past few years, the sections in high streets promoting sustainable merchandise have been growing bigger and bigger, but honestly those seem somehow for promotional purposes. For a textile manufacture solution provider like us, we know for sure sustainability is going to be a no-turning-back trend so have been preparing aggressively. Nevertheless, the realisation of sustainability suddenly becomes an irrevocable path to be deployed, because of COVID-19.


In the beginning of "CEO AGENDA 2020 COVID-19 EDITION" presented by Global Fashion Agenda (GFA), it is written:

"To make the most of the opportunities the crisis presents, Global Fashion Agenda has written this special edition of the CEO Agenda with contributions from McKinsey & Company. Based on in-depth consumer and supplier research as well as interviews with sector leaders, we have developed six opportunities for fashion executives to rebuild a resilient and sustainable fashion industry. Over the following 12-18 months we need to adapt to the immediate challenges that surface and in parallel keep our long lens tuned in with the scope of the future. These opportunities provide guidance to rethink and rebuild businesses with greater economic resilience, whilst advancing the critical sustainability transformation that the industry needs to deliver."


The textile/fashion industry is a traditional territory, and the supply chain has been exploited to endless costing down in the past decades because of numerous reasons such as low technical manufacture barriers, fast fashion, etc. But now, before adopting sustainable production, either brands or manufacturers are fighting for own business's sustainability, and different CEO's take different paths.

In the Agenda COVID-19 Edition, two out of six guidelines, mentioning relationships between brands and their suppliers. This is a rarely positive reaction to the pandemic. Not just positive, but can be profound I hope. In Taiwan, though the influence of COVID-19 to the normal life seems already leaving the island because of successful epidemic prevention measures, but for many businesses like us who export to our customers in the US and Europe, are still heavily affected. Fortunately our customers honour their orders, and we do our best to cope with them together.


From my point of view, Sustainability is the act of cherish for partnership - customers and suppliers, human and nature. The pandemic simply reminds us trust and loyalty is something worthy of investing. Take my own company as an example, the average servicing time of FANTERCO's existing customers now exceeds 18 years, and the revenue growth rate reaches 750+%. In the past 49.5 years, my Father and I cherish the partnerships not only with our customers but also factories, and we cherish the opportunities to grow with our customers. We really enjoy being s wealthy field for growing our customers and eventually growing with them. I am confident that we will survive this pandemic crisis, and we will stay strong, just as the Agenda reveals.

To be continued...