Our motto is "Fashion, Experience and Promises".Fantastic Enterprise, established in 1971, based in Taiwan with more than 40 years in active operation in textile industry, experienced and specialized in creating fast ODM/OEM services in ladies/men's wear, baby clothes, pets shirts, with styles across leisure to functional to sports, for any fashion brand entrepreneurs to be able to enter the market without delay, by easily creating your own collections with your own designs, or in use part or all of our existing fabulous ladies leisure wear styles.

Meet Milan Design Week As Exhibitor


Retire me to my Milan, where every third thought shall be my grave. – William Shakespeare

Milan Design Week, the Holy Grail in design field, attracts hundreds of thousands of artists and designers from different industries each year.

This year, Fantastic Enterprise is honoured to be one of the 15 exhibitors representing Taiwan textile industry in Milan Design Week. In January, our curator "The Meet Lab" invited 6 Italian designers from different backgrounds to Taiwan for communicating with all 15 exhibitors before their creating art pieces, which represent each exhibitor and the image of Taiwan textile industry as a whole.

Most of the exhibitors are textile material suppliers, offering such as advanced functional yarns or fabrics, sophisticated laces, embroideries, accessories including crystals & diamonds, etc. to the world. All kinds of materials were used for the amazing art pieces as images below.

During the meeting with the designers, I was wondering and raised the question: Fantastic Enterprise as a service provider - just one photo / drawing / sketch from a fashion designer, we can sample and put in mass production for you - but, how would you "perform" us? After thorough discussion in the meeting in our office near Taipei Arena, the curator and designers set the tone: not only for our company, but also for the whole exhibition - Brain In Taiwan / braIN Taiwan - showing the capability of aggregating and incorporating skillful artisans with raw material suppliers into the complex manufacturing process, for realizing every designer's fashion dream.

7 days in Milan, fascinating people and experience. Proud to be part of the Design Week!