Our motto is "Fashion, Experience and Promises".Fantastic Enterprise, established in 1971, based in Taiwan with more than 40 years in active operation in textile industry, experienced and specialized in creating fast ODM/OEM services in ladies/men's wear, baby clothes, pets shirts, with styles across leisure to functional to sports, for any fashion brand entrepreneurs to be able to enter the market without delay, by easily creating your own collections with your own designs, or in use part or all of our existing fabulous ladies leisure wear styles.

Design Your Own Custom T-shirts



Here we provide 10 trendy styles with graphic designers’ artwork in the topic of “Flowing Music”. Now you can just replace the artwork with your own graffiti, your drawings, even your photos, anything in printable formats*, we can transfer your designs to the style of your choice by digital Printing.

* Printable formats: .ai / .gif / .jpeg / .png...

Can I customize the styles, not just the prints?

Yes of course. Our professional representatives will discuss with you to understand your requirements and bring them to live. Custom-made Product is also one of our professional services.


Do I really need to make a physical sample to see how my design or artwork looks like on the garment? NO, YOU DON’T.

The landscape of alternatives in remote digital approval has evolved rapidly, resulting in shorter sampling time, lower purchasing costs and improved accuracy and speed. And your virtual proof is the closest approximation to how the final product will appear.

Why should I do virtual proofing?

It is much cheaper and faster than you proofing the sample. We will provide you a set of images showing all four sides of the garment in 3D simulation to confirm. Not enough? Need something for social media? You can purchase a simulated motion video file just as the one you see in this page at a premium.